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Technical information


Dimensions 166 mm x 106 mm x 56 mm
(excluding connectors and feet)
Weight 0.5 kg
Protection class IP 20
Temperature Operation 10°C to 60°C,
Storage -10°C to 85°C
Power supply 48 Vdc ± 5% power supply required. Power supply included.
Power consumption 48 W maximum
Safety compliance EN 61010-1-2010
EMC compliance Emissions EN61800-3:2018, EN55032 Class B, 3m (As 61800-3:2018, Table 17, Category C1, first environment) Immunities, EN55035, basic electromagnetic environment
Motor driver
Type 2 phase bipolar stepper motor driver for 4-lead motors
Phase current Up to 1 A RMS, adjustable in 30 mA steps
Source voltage

67 Vdc maximum
48 Vdc supply is boosted to 67 Vdc.

Boost function can be disabled if required.

Resolution Full, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 micro-stepping
Stops on full step positions only, micro-stepping is used for control of resonance and smoother step transition.
Step frequency 1 Hz to 15 kHz
Protection Short to ground and phase to phase
Motor temperature measurement
Type Selectable PT100 RTD or K-Type thermocouple
Range -200°C to 240°C
Accuracy ±15 °C for thermocouple, ±5 % for RTD
Fault detection RTD: Open and short-circuit
Thermocouple: Open circuit only
Operating modes
• Remote - Control and configure via USB, Ethernet or Serial
• Step, Direction Enable (SDE) -For connection to an external motion controller or PLC
• Joystick - Single-step and continuous movement triggered via a joystick (supplied separately)
• Bake - Programmed cycle to heat the motor while stopped to drive off adsorbed gasses
Control interfaces
USB USB 2.0 Full Speed via USB-C connector
Virtual COM port and firmware update interface
Ethernet 10/100 Base-T, auto MDI-X, RJ45 8P8C connector
Telnet (port 11312), Modbus TCP (port 502)
Serial communication

Selectable RS232 or RS485 mode (shared pins)

Dual RJ45 8P8C connectors allow daisy chaining multiple devices in RS485 mode
User selectable termination in RS485 mode 115200 default and maximum baud rate
Compatibility Windows 10 or later
API C# API is available
SDE (step, direction enable) interface
Type Optocoupled, common cathode
Levels 3.3 Vdc to 5 Vdc maximum
Higher voltages require external current limiting resistor
Maximum frequency 2 MHz at 50% duty
Maximum full-step rate limited to 7.8 kHz for micro-step resolution
of 256.
Quantity 2
Compatible switch types Mechanical NO or NC (polarity selectable)
Protection Withstands continuous short to 12 V maximum
Connection Front panel mounted 4P4C jack with auto-detection of connection state
Input type Active low, short to ground to activate function
Miscellaneous Open circuit voltage 3.3 V, source current < 3.5 mA


All dimensions are in millimetres.

SMD4 datasheet drawing.PNG

Scope of delivery






USB Type-A to USB Type-C lead


Power supply


The following accessory items are available from AML.

Order Code



Joystick (compatible with SMD4)


SMD4 Cable, 3m, D-Sub 15 Male to D-Sub 9 Female


SMD4 Cable, 3m, D-Sub 15 Male to MLF18


SMD4 Cable, 3m, 3X D-Sub 15 Male to MLF18